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Frisco High School Volleyball

Frisco, TX

Raccoon Volleyball Communications 

Match and practice time changes, etc...

  • Download GroupMe from your smartphone's app store

  • Create an account

  • There are two ways to join the Raccoon Volleyball group.  Please note this is a private group that ensures only FHS volleyball parents and players receive communications.  

    1. If you received the Raccoon Volleyball GroupMe email, click on the provided link to join the group.​

    2. Send an email to raccoonvolleyball@gmail.com to request joining the group.  In the email, be sure to include your name, your athlete's name & team, and the mobile number associated with your GroupMe account.

  • Once your request is approved, you will be added to the Raccoon Volleyball group.

  • Players are welcome to join the group but know ALL OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS COME FROM YOUR COACHES.

Note:  The Raccoon Volleyball GroupMe group is managed by parents.  We will do our best to forward information in a timely manner.  Your child is the best source for information since they interact with the coaching staff on a regular basis.​