Annual Banquet

Who:  2021 volleyball team members and family are invited to attend the Annual Banquet.

Why:  The banquet offers an opportunity for the coaches, athletes, managers, parents, and guests to celebrate team and individual efforts one final time as a group.  It's also a time to honor the seniors that have dedicated years towards graciously representing Frisco High School on and off the court.

When:  TBD

Where:  TBD

Cost:  Players $0* | Guests** $TBD per person


Registration: Closed

* If you are a booster club member, the banquet fee for your athlete is included in your membership dues. Non-member athletes are $TBD/per.

** Due to FISD COVID rules, only direct family members of athletes are allowed to attend as guests.

Payment Step:  Visit the Store to register and make payment.